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Rainforest Riddle

Rainforest Riddle

How can you get each animal to its home without any of their paths crossing?


Student Sheet:

The anaconda, the jaguar, and the howler monkey all live in the same part of the foxrainforest. As long as none of them cross paths, everyone stays happy. Show how the anaconda can get to its rock, the jaguar can get to its den, and the monkey can get to its tree without any of the paths crossing.


Puzzle Background

This puzzle is our version of one of any number of line drawing puzzles that involve getting three people, animals etc. to their respective homes without crossing any paths. Many of these puzzles seem impossible at first glance, but with a little persistence can be solved.

Puzzle Presentation

Each student will need a copy of the student sheet for this puzzle. Be sure that students use pencils when they search for their solutions, so that they can erase and try again if necessary.

Solution Hint

Don’t think in straight lines or direct routes.


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Below is one possible solution. Your students may have discovered others.



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