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Science Happens

Contrary to what most teachers might say, I think it is easy to teach science every day in the classroom. Yes, it may be a subject that gets loud and sometimes messy in your classroom, but just the same as needing to learn to be a lifelong reader or mathematician, the same goes for science.

I was once a horrible science teacher, but I chose to change my ways after hearing students beg for science. They wanted to do more and learn more. One day when I was teaching 5th grade, a student came to me and asked why he was able to lift a100 lb hay bale while his brother sat on it. To do so he was using a system made up of rope and pulleys and his question really was, “How does a rope and pulley system work, and why does it make work simpler?” I wanted to get him the correct information, and this particular incident happened before technology was accessible at your fingertips.

So, the day after my student asked his question, I brought my level one college physics book to class, with some r-weight ratio of a pulley system and the mechanical advantage of each system we created using the materials. I had had little to no prior experiences or much prior knowledge with what I just shared, but it was on that day that I realized just how easy it was to teach science in the classroom. I facilitated the learning and was there to discover along with my students.

So, the way that I came to love teaching science may not be like yours, but my point is that science happens every day and we need to share it with our students and teach them them in a way that grabs their interest. Today’s classroom teachers have resources and information right at their fingertips, unlike I did when I started. That makes it easier for today’s teachers to address their content standards and find an investigation that is parallel to them.

My challenge to you is to start somewhere. Find a way to imbed science into your classroom at least three days a week. Utilize the resources you have at your fingertips and pique the interest of your students by doing SCIENCE!! I personally love AIMS activities, but here is another good resource I would use:

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