Putting Myself Out There

I started teaching in August of 1985. Yes, that was a long time ago, but my passion for learning and education is as strong, if not stronger, than when I first started in this amazing profession. Last week I accomplished a long-term professional goal of mine, by presenting a session in San Antonio, Texas, at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics annual conference. (If you missed my presentation, a colleague of mine was there to stream it live on the AIMS Facebook page) Yes, I will check presenting at a national conference off my list, but I don’t want it to be a one and done goal. I am at the drawing board again this week drafting new proposals for next year.

This blog post does not end there, but rather starts there. When I got back to my desk this week I was inspired by the zest and enthusiasm shown by my colleagues who were with me in San Antonio. They too want to be presenters at more conferences. They began collaborating through a Google Doc around thoughts for future presentations. I recall one presentation that I missed at NCTM entitled “How to Apply and Present at NCTM Conferences” presented by Dan Meyer and Robert Kaplinsky. I follow them both on Twitter (@ddmeyer and @robertkaplinsky), so I checked their feed to see if I could find that presentation. I found out that their presentation had in fact been streamed live through the NCTM Facebook page, so I immediately went to that page to watch it. Dan and Robert’s presentation shared really great information. I tweeted both of them to say, “thanks for sharing”, and Robert tweeted back that his blog post to recap the presentation would be helpful too, and it was.

My hat goes off to all of our young and engaging educators that have embraced the profession, are passionate about their teaching, but most of all are helping to empower educators to learn and grow. Looking toward my 33rd year as an educator, I want to learn and do new things, and presenting at conferences is just one of them. I have proposals to write, so I better get after it. With the use of social media, help is at my fingertips. Join the journey and be empowered. Use social media as a professional tool and resource. Share with me how it has empowered your own professional journey. Tweet me @dlporc and @aimsed.

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