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Chris Brownell, Ph.D – Program Director and Associate Professor of Mathematics & STEM Education – Fresno Pacific University
cbrownell@aimsedu.org — (559) 453-2046

Chris BrownellChris Brownell is the Director of the Math & STEM Education programs at Fresno Pacific University.  He is a former high school mathematics teacher, turned university math professor, turned mathematics education researcher. Chris received his Doctorate at the Claremont Graduate University. His work at FPU included briefly directing the Title V PASEO grant. While at Claremont he also worked as the Teachers Employing Applied Mathematics to Engage Students (TEAMES) grant Coordinator. His research interests lie in math education practice and policy, how children come to understand the concept of function within mathematics, and has recently been focusing on teacher concerns related to the Mathematical Practices and the inclusion of Transformation Geometry in the CCSSM.
Steve Pauls, Ph.D. – Associate Professor of Chemistry – Fresno Pacific University
spauls@aimsedu.org — (559) 453-2209

Steve PaulsSteve Pauls currently holds a joint appointment between Fresno Pacific University and the AIMS Center. He received his doctorate from the University of Kansas in Physical Chemistry and over the past 15 years he has taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses for FPU in science, mathematics, and teacher education. He is currently teaching the general physics sequence on the undergraduate side and several different courses for the Math & STEM Education Program. Steve also works closely with teachers in the valley through a variety of Math Science Partnership (MSP) multi-year grants looking to improve both content and pedagogy of our regional teachers. For the AIMS Center, Steve has been tasked with developing a program in science education that looks to understand how kids come to know science concepts. His interest lies in the area of conceptual understanding and spatial representation of concepts within the context of science education.