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 Writing and Simplifying Expressions (Grade 6)
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Writing and Simplifying Expressions (Grade 6)

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Print Version, including CD with interactive PDF and embedded video
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© AIMS Education Foundation. A single copy of this curriculum may be used by one teacher in his or her own classroom. Please purchase one copy for each teacher. More info.


Grade 6: Expressions
12 Days 89 pages

Writing and Simplifying Expressions is part of the AIMS Essential Math Series that uses real-world investigations, comics, and animation to engage students and help them discover and make sense of key mathematical concepts. The units in this series are narrowly focused, conceptually developed, and carefully sequenced to provide a continuum of introduction, development, and reinforcement of the essential ideas.

In Writing and Simplifying Expressions, students will develop fundamental understanding of key algebraic concepts. The four “big ideas†expressed through creative activities in this book are:

  • Variables: Using a variable to represent an unknown amount is a powerful tool that is central to doing algebra.
  • Order: Changing the order in which operations are done gives different answers, so mathematicians have agreed on a specific order.
  • Commutative Property: The commutative property is used to rearrange expressions so like terms can be combined and a simpler equivalent expression written.
  • Distributive Property: The distributive property can be used to multiply expressions with unlike terms and simplify them into equivalent expressions.

The book includes a CD with interactive PDF instructions. Interactive links in the digital format enrich the learning experience with videos, animation and Flash® applications. Using a projector or interactive whiteboard allows the materials to display for the class and supplements the teacher’s instruction.


The free sample below contains the table of contents, and a free activity from this book.
Note: All files are pdf documents requiring Adobe Reader.


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