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 Solve It! 2nd: Problem-Solving Strategies
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Solve It! 2nd: Problem-Solving Strategies

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Print Version, including CD with printable student pages
Solve It! 2nd: Problem-Solving Strategies
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Digital - Desktop and Mobile-Friendly PDF Version
Solve It! 2nd: Problem-Solving Strategies (PDF)
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© AIMS Education Foundation. A single copy of this curriculum may be used by one teacher in his or her own classroom. Please purchase one copy for each teacher. More info.


Grade 2
28 activities—177 pages

Solve It! 2nd: Problem-Solving Strategies further develops students’ problem-solving abilities by identifying and reinforcing nine effective techniques through creative hands-on investigations. A storyboard with lily pads and plastic frogs help students learn how to solve problems by acting them out. Goldfish crackers and a fishbowl show students how to use manipulatives to find the answer. The engaging tasks not only build a foundation of problem-solving strategies, but also allow learners to apply and expand their number, computation, geometry, data organization, and algebra skills.

Solve It! 2nd: Problem-Solving Strategies addresses
•    guess and check
•    look for patterns
•    use manipulatives
•    draw out the problem
•    use logical thinking
•    write a number sentence
•    work backwards
•    organize the information, and
•    wish for an easier problem.

Teachers will appreciate how each strategy is broken down, defined, and then reinforced through hands-on activities that use the strategy to solve problems. There are also practice problems in the back of the book in which students must decide which problem-solving strategy to use. These problems can be creatively used—as morning work, during the few minutes before buses are called or lunch is served, etc.—as a means to further discuss and review the nine strategies.

This book will supply students with a toolbox of techniques to draw from when approaching problems. These skills will serve them well not only in mathematics, but also in other academic subjects and their everyday lives.


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