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The Five-Piece Puzzle

The Five-Piece Puzzle

This week’s Puzzle Corner activity in one member of a family of challenging, multiple-solution, dissection puzzles. These puzzles are geometric in nature and many, like the one presented here, are modeled after tangrams, the best-known of the dissection puzzles. Like tangrams, students can put the five pieces of this puzzle together into a number of interesting shapes. As part of this activity, students are asked to use the five pieces to make interesting shapes and then make a record of them. After this warm-up, students are challenged to construct the shapes pictured at left and below and then make a record of these solutions. Students will soon find that some of these shapes, like the cross, are more difficult to construct than others.

Use the five puzzle pieces to make as many interesting shapes as you can. Make a record of each shape you create by drawing them. For an additional challenge, try to make some of the shapes pictured below.

Left Bottom

Click here to download the pieces to make four puzzles. They have been placed side by side to make them easier to cut out.


Click the arrow below to view the solutions.

The Five Piece Puzzle was a dissection puzzle in which students were challenged to use five puzzle pieces to make pieces in a variety of shapes.

Five-Piece Solution

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