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Further Explorations with O’Beirne’s Cube

Further Explorations with O’Beirne’s Cube

This post is a quick follow-up to the one from last Monday in which I showed you the O’Beirne cube puzzle.

After we finished filming for that post, we still had the six puzzles on the table and we got to talking about the sequence in which the puzzle comes apart and goes back together to form different rectangular solids. Someone wondered what would happen if you went around changing each rectangular solid in sequence and did that repeatedly. After doing it and noticing what happens, we decided to film it and share it with you.

Click here for “Free Puzzle – O’Beirne’s Cube”.

Click here for “How to Make Your Own O’Beirne’s Puzzle”.

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    • It is a puzzle! Some slogging is expected. You can see that there are 6 different rectangular solids that are possible, and once you’ve got one, you can get to the others by stepping. Let me know when you get it.

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