Open Enrollment Workshops

I am writing to introduce you to another AIMS Professional Learning (PL) Division Facilitator. Sheldon Erickson has been a classroom teacher and an AIMS Workshop Facilitator in the Central Valley of California for many years. To celebrate the reopening of the newly remodeled AIMS Center for Math and Science Education in early 2016, I asked “Shelly” if he would put together two different series of what we call “open enrollment” workshops and facilitate them at the Center. “Open enrollment” means just that, anyone interested is able to sign up and attend the workshop. The opportunities are advertised in the local vicinity where the workshops are located and participants register for the workshop directly on the AIMS website (

Last spring, Shelly designed a series for both middle school and intermediate grade math educators. The focus for each was “How to Integrate Math Tasks with Common Core to Increase Understanding”.  A total of three days made up each series, and each day explored a different domain of mathematics. Woven throughout each day were discussions centered around:

  •    how to choose and sequence tasks for student learning;
  •    using questioning strategies to develop greater understanding;
  •    how to modify and extend tasks for greater engagement and fluency;
  •    research that relates to student learning and engagement; and
  •    sources for appropriate tasks.

I think Shelly created two stellar series. In the AIMS PL division we strive to deliver to educators quality PL that adds to professional growth, builds mathematical content knowledge, and shares hands-on strategies that promote the development of robust mathematical knowledge for students. The following are some comments submitted after the Shelly’s spring “open enrollment” workshops.

“Every workshop has been great and I love the fact that we have been able to go through each day through the eyes of a student as well.”

“This was a great presentation using hands-on tasks to build conceptual understanding of fractions. Thank you!”

“An overall great experience!! Concrete-Representational-Abstract … I started developing this instructional progression this year and this training provided support for this sequence of instruction.”

“Fantastic! Really made learning fun again and reminded me why I fell in love with math. Thank you.”

I hope these comments spark an interest in you to attend or host an AIMS open enrollment workshop! The AIMS Center plans to offer these again in early 2017. Stay tuned to our website or this blog for announcements!

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