Conference Presentation Reflections

We are really proud of our cadre of AIMS Facilitators. An AIMS facilitator has at least 5-10 years of classroom teaching experience, a master’s degree, and many are serving as math or science curriculum specialists/coaches at their school. As I continue to highlight in these blog posts, we have AIMS facilitators throughout the United States.  

We encourage our facilitators to maintain their own professional learning and to share their experiences with their colleagues. First year AIMS Facilitator Rachel Eure was looking for an opportunity to build her experience facilitating professional learning opportunities. She submitted a proposal and was accepted to present a 90 minute K-5 Algebraic Thinking session at the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics fall conference in Greensboro, NC in late October.

Rachel’s goals were to:

  • show how AIMS tasks are great resources for EVERY student,
  • engage and energize teachers by having them experience the tasks,
  • show the alignment with the NC math curriculum, and to
  • share good questioning while facilitating the AIMS math tasks.

When Rachel reflected back on the presentation she remembered a lot of talkative teachers, participants talking enthusiastically throughout her session because of the AIMS tasks she was sharing. Facilitating an AIMS task can be a noisy process, in a classroom or in a workshop. Teachers being talkative in a conference session, thinking about how to integrate tasks into their classes and sharing with colleagues how they will do so, is the ultimate goal! The AIMS Center is excited about the professional learning opportunities our facilitators contribute to.

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