Finding My Home

I am inspired to search out new ways to improve the Professional Learning Division at The AIMS Center. I continually think about teachers in North America and how dedicated, unselfish, and committed they are to the students they teach. At AIMS, we want to provide opportunities to assist classroom teachers to be their very best.

I recently attended my first Learning Forward Annual Conference in the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC, Canada. I spent four days at the conference with the Executive Director of AIMS. You may have read her recent blog post that she wrote while we were at the conference.  I have been a member of this organization for a couple of years and have spent some time studying Learning Forward’s Standards for Professional Learning. While I was attending my first conference session, I realized just how powerful and pertinent to our work those standards really are. I felt like I was in the right place and at my own professional learning home.

Professional learning serves the purpose of allowing teachers an opportunity to improve their own teaching practices, which should ultimately lead to improved student results. The Standards for Professional Learning help educational professionals understand what should happen during rich professional learning events. The AIMS Center Professional Learning Division has adopted and endorses the Professional Learning Standards from Learning Forward. Our national cadre of workshop facilitators studies these standards and they collaborate in an effort to develop a shared understanding of what effective professional learning is – as defined by these standards. Our collaborative engagement ensures that we provide high quality opportunities for educators.

Using the standards as a guide, we can build networks with schools and districts that help them identify their needs and illuminate conditions, processes, and content needed when providing opportunities for their teachers. I am excited to continue this journey of making AIMS Professional Learning the best it can be. With tools such as the Standards for Professional Learning, and help from Learning Forward, we will do that. I am so glad to know where my professional home and help comes from. How about you, where is your professional home? Let me know.   

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