Don’t Forget The Students

Here are my thoughts for today. I want to challenge every reader to be opportunistic and see what is right and bright in education. We educators have a daily view from within our schools and classrooms, and that is where we have the opportunity to shine – to make differences that matter. I challenge you to remember the students who are at the core of this adventure we call education.

With the new administration in our nation’s capitol we are experiencing uncertainty. I have read an abundant amount of articles, blog posts, emails, tweets, and seen countless media clips sharing unprecedented pessimism depicting a damaged, ineffective, and weak education system in our country. Wow, really!?! Granted, we can always be better, but I would encourage readers not to give in to the media barrage, and focus on what we are doing that is right for education, find ways to make it better, and most of all, don’t forget the students.

When we became educators we were prepared and eager to do what was best for students. It’s an absolute joy to talk with colleagues who share incredible success stories about students they have taught. So many have witnessed students conquer and overcome hurdles with every passing school day. It is those stories that keep me thinking positively and continuing to work to be as effective of an educator as possible. I want to make what is right with education even better, and I won’t forget the students.

Whenever you read or watch any of the ill fitting words written or said about what is wrong with education, turn the tides and find opposing words that are absolutely positive and pro education. Reflect on what you read or heard, and think about how you resonate with that. Choose to exhibit professionalism to continue to make education great.

Educating the children in our country is an endeavor that takes passion, skill, and perseverance. Educators get to share the journey and enjoy the growth that those children make while becoming the next generation of thinkers, builders, and innovators. Isn’t that exciting? I am on board, and will not lose sight of what we are doing for the students. Be a bright spot, you do make a difference. Don’t forget the students. They matter and so do educators. Keep teaching on!

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