Learning from a Digital Native

Last week I wrote about a possible solution to bring a struggling Professional Learning Community/Network back on track again. I wrote about that because of my experiences with the AIMS Facilitators’ Professional Learning Network and how being a part of it allows me to be a better teacher and professional. At AIMS we are fortunate to have a healthy PLN. One of the reasons for our success is that we value the multi-generational thinking and collaboration that we have in our cadre. I have said before, I am fortunate and lucky to be part of such a great group of educators.

Elizabeth McDaniel is one of the members of our facilitator cadre. She is a very accomplished young teacher and currently teaches middle school in Florida. Her husband is a career military professional, and because the military frequently transfers her family, she has taught in many different states at many different grade levels. Elizabeth experienced AIMS tasks as a middle and high school student, and now uses them in her classrooms. Her experiences help to make her a stellar facilitator and we are very happy she is on our team.

I love listening to what Elizabeth shares when our facilitator cadre is together. Colleagues in her generation have been dubbed “digital natives”. The ease with which she uses technology makes it easy for her to incorporate various technologies into her classroom. She empowers her students by having them use apps in the classroom. The apps she uses help to enhance student discussions and collaboration, and helps her to formatively assess her students.

Here are three apps that Elizabeth shared with us. Do a bit a research and check them out.

How many different generations of teachers are there in your colleague circle? Ask questions, get and share new ideas. You never know what you will learn from a cross-generational colleague. Maybe it will be the beginning of discovering and have you starting a new teaching practice.


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  1. “I am a part of all that I have met” Tennyson

    This is one of my favorite quotes. It is the epitome of great teaching in my opinion. True collaboration strengthens the teaching profession. I am a better teacher every time I reach out to a colleague to problem solve, strategize, or create. I am honored to be part of such a wonderful PLN at AIMS.

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