Professional Learning on Steroids

To sum up the 2017 NCTM annual conference in San Antonio, Texas takes only one word, AWESOME!!

As I’ve shared before, I look forward to conferences. They provide opportunities for me to be laser focused on education, a time to reconnect and collaborate, an opportunity to be current, a time to meet other like-minded educators, and a time to share. It is Professional Learning on steroids.

Here are the big ideas from NCTM 2017 that resonate with me as I reflect and digest all of the sessions I attended:

  • How does the learning culture look in your classroom? Is it innovative and collaborative?
  • Remember that all students have math ideas to share.
  • Cultivate a heart for mathematical learning.
  • Allow math to be play.
  • Foster numerical fluency.
  • Make mathematical conversations intentional.
  • Adopt a growth mindset around learning mathematics.
  • Unlock students’ potential, explore problems with depth and creativity, enjoy a multiplicity of ideas, and be a part of a learning culture that values productive struggle.
  • Problem solving opens opportunities for students to find multiple solutions.
  • Mathematical discourse in the classroom is a must.
  • Professional Learning, whether online or face-to-face revolves around the culture that is created.
  • Sustain interactions by having a vision of possibilities and organizing opportunities.

Unpacking those statements and exploring what’s behind them open up a plethora of rich possibilities for math educators everywhere. I am extending an invitation to you. Choose a statement from one of the bullet points above. Use it as a discussion starter in you next PLC gathering. Have an “Intentional PLC Talk”. Share with me how it goes.

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