My Time at the AIMS Mother Ship

Last week I was in Fresno, California,spending time at the AIMS Center for Math and Science Education. Most of my time is spent working remotely from home in Great Falls, Montana. I really look forward to my trips and my time at the AIMS mother ship. My time spent with office colleagues is so valuable. We collaborate and brainstorm while working together to find ways to achieve our short-term goals.

One of the biggest benefits to being together and being at the same geographical location with my co-workers is the sharing of ideas. I was fortunate enough to go to a Colloquium facilitated by one of our AIMS Facilitators, Jon Dueck. The Colloquiums provide opportunities for the Mathematics and Science teaching communities around the Central Valley region of California to keep abreast of both the research that the AIMS Center for Math and Science Education, and what the broader research community, are finding. These talks are given by a variety of experts in the field: members of the Research Team of the AIMS Center, and other experts from around the county and region.

Jon Dueck has taught various grades at the elementary and middle school levels. He spent time as an academic math and science coach and as a K-12 District Curriculum Coordinator. Jon currently serves as the Director of STEM Education at the Office of the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools where he provides professional learning experiences for teachers and administrators. Jon works at a regional level to administrate the Central California STEM Learning Network, bringing together education and industry, and is the fiscal manager of the Central Valley Mathematics Network, bringing together regional math leadership for planning and sharing. Jon spends time working with teachers and administrators from grades kindergarten through college and focuses on bringing hands-on, problem-based experiences to the classroom teacher. He is also an avid reader.

Being there and being a participant in Jon’s colloquium about literature connections to math and science was wonderful.  It was a good reminder for me that using literature as a catalyst for making connections in multiple subject areas is fun and helpful for students.  Jon’s presentation was engaging, collaborative, and amusing. You can view the entire presentation and download materials from his presentation through the AIMS Center website.

If you like what Jon discussed and are looking for other literature links to math and science, AIMS has many to choose from.  Check them out in our store. My personal favorite is, The Gadget War. This is a great resource that helps tie physical science and math together.

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