Episode 38 | Perception and Reality: Do We Create Our Own?

Description: Dr. Steve Pauls talks with us about what are the factors that can alter perception. We discuss the role of context and how it can reveal or conceal information that your brain processes. With nearly 11 million bits of sensory data assailing your brain at any single moment, our brains have evolved impressive routines for filtering out the important bits. One strong filter we use is pattern. We have brains that rely upon repetitions of previously observed patterns to achieve stasis, then, when a pattern is broken do we have an opportunity for intrigue and learning.

It is recommended that listeners of this podcast also view Steve’s Colloquium on the same topic from May 8, 2017.

Furthermore you are encouraged to watch this TED talk by Beau Lotto on Optical Illusions.


One final thought. For those truly intrigued and ready to have you mind blown, listen to this podcast put together by the folks over at Radio Lab. Is blue a real color?



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