Three Days In New York

Do you think of summer as a time to grow and learn? Being an educator, I have always filled my summers with adult learning opportunities. Summer is my time to refresh and reboot and learn new and and exciting approaches to every new school year.

This week I have the opportunity to be with three other AIMS colleagues in the state of New York. Our three days will be spent working alongside PreK-8th grade science teachers as they experience AIMS tasks and investigations. Over the course of this science workshop, these teachers are learning how to use these tasks with their students, as well as how these materials might be thought of as a vehicle to help them teach through the lens of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The state of New York is making the transition to the NGSS, and they are offering educators opportunities over the summer to prepare for the next school year.

My role on our team of four is to learn from the New York participants and to support the other AIMS facilitators. As the Director of Professional Learning at the AIMS Center, I want to get out to workshops to observe, participate, and share. It is my opportunity to be in the field, to hear what teachers want and need while they are participating in their professional learning opportunities. I love being able to serve in the role I have at AIMS and at workshops such as these, and I am really fortunate to be here in New York.

Are you and your colleagues making the transition to the NGSS? AIMS Professional Learning could be a part of your plan. Here are some pictures of what you might experience during an AIMS experience. 

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