It’s Here! (Or will be soon)

During the week of October 10th, the efforts of a grassroots organization will come to fruition. Two years of planning, networking, prototyping, seeking support, world traveling, app building, blogging, tweeting, and oh so many other 21st century participles, will culminate in the first-ever Global Math Project. AIMS is both proud and happy to support this effort.

If you are a regular listener to the ZPC Podcast that I host, you know I have interviewed, or been interviewed by, Dr. James Tanton three times in the past year. If you watched the first Colloquium Talk of the 17-18 Academic Year, you would have seen him in action. But he is not the star of this movement, as engaging as he is to watch and listen to. Nor are the six other founding members of “The Team.”

There are also scores of people working behind the scenes of this movement, which, as of this writing, has over 730,000 students registered with just days to go. From the app writers in Canada, to the teacher guide writers and translators scattered about the globe, and the content writing experts who have crafted easy-to-use materials that will engage students. Today, there are thousands (over 4300) teachers in 102 countries that span the globe (the only continent missing is Antarctica, as far as I know). When I first joined this movement in Spring 2015, there were three of us who signed on to be “Ambassadors.” Currently, there are 320 such people committed to seeing students have a joyful and uplifting mathematical experience.

Impressive numbers, I know, but as great as they are, these people also are not the stars. The real star is Mathematics. This deeply human, and humble study is being talked about in ways counter to many perceptions. It is being discussed as an experience to evoke strong and deeply positive emotional connections. We at the AIMS Center support the concept of all learning needing to have an emotional connection, as we have discovered through reading the literature around learning.

You too can play a role in this event if you would like to join us at the AIMS Center in reaching 1,000,000 students. If you’re interested, please do the following:

  1. Have your own experience with Exploding Dots.
  2. Register yourself and the number of students you hope to serve [here]
  3. Tweet, Facebook Post, blog, or send by airmail, something telling your friends that you too support joyful and uplifting mathematical experiences for all.
  4. Spend at least 15 minutes sometime during the week of 10-10-17 sharing Exploding Dots with children
  5. Share your experiences with us back at

It’s as simple as that.

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