Episode 59 | Math Coach? What’s that?

Chris is joined via Skype by three highly successful and well supported “Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSA).” They chat about how these three women entered into this role, and what their days/lives are like. The passion for good teaching, and the joy of working together as a team are evident in their conversational tone and topics. Clearly these three are passionate about helping children construct meaningful understandings of mathematics and spreading the joy of learning. They discuss the role of the district in making them the successes that they are, providing support and encouragement along the way.

The role of the TOSA is not well understood outside of the confines of a school district. Often they are ignored in negotiations, thought of as elite and therefore separate from, most teachers, and generally most people don’t have an understanding of this role. They provide an important service to teachers and therefore students.


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