Quotes to Spark Conversations

In early September AIMS had the honor of hosting a breakfast for the teachers we are working with this year. It was a time to come together, form friendships, share our goals for the year, and, of course, engage in some mathematics.

As an ice-breaker we had the teachers engage in an activity called “Chalk Talk,” which is a routine for introducing and exploring ideas. This activity allowed our teachers to consider the ideas, questions, and thoughts of their colleagues as they responded to four quotes that had been placed throughout the room. Knowing that no two people read the same thing the same way, it was very interesting to see the building of a shared understanding through this collaborative activity.

Personally, I love quotations and am in the process of working on an upcoming presentation for the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) in Atlanta, Georgia, entitled “Mathematical Play.” I am considering the use of quotes in my slides in a variety of ways. For example, setting the stage for my topic, adding emphasis to an idea, a springboard to launch an idea, and to inspire or motivate. I have so many quotes saved on post-its, note cards, in my journal, and posted around my monitor, and am struggling with which ones to use. So, for this post, I thought perhaps you all could serve as a sounding board and help me choose which ones to use.

So, did any of these reaffirm an already existing belief you hold, provide credibility to an idea you have, or inspire you in some way? Please jot down a thought or two that you had or an idea that was sparked and share them in the comments. I would greatly appreciate it.

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