Episode 63 | The Connectedness of Mathematics with Rachel Horsman

In England at Cambridge there is a project underway that seeks to map and model the connected nature of school mathematics. Working on this project is a small but highly motivated team of researchers, teachers, mathematicians, and web-designers. Rachel Horsman is among these, she and Chris had an opportunity recently to sit down and discuss the scope and range of this project. Rachel has been primarily focused upon Geometry within the curriculum, but as she has come to see, all mathematics is connected and most of the lines we have drawn about topics are artificial. For instance on their website now is a consultation question they are seeking input on: Discrete vs. Continuous where they are considering the twin ideas of counting and measuring and how a well-structured experience of both of these ideas in concert can lay a strong foundation for later learning.

The project, while employing a relatively small team of a dozen or so has this to say about what it’s mission is: “Cambridge Mathematics is committed to championing and securing a world class mathematics education for all students from 5-19 years old, applicable to both national and international contexts and based on evidence from research and practice.” They invite all in the international maths community to actively take part on their Framework. For more information please contact them at http://www.cambridgemaths.org/


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