Episode 65 | Reflections From the Host Regarding 2017

This is a short episode where Chris reflects on the way things have gone on the podcast this calendar year, and especially this Fall. With a few recommendations for second listens and lessons learned, this episode makes some important thank yous and shouts out to vital members of the team.

Listeners are encouraged to send suggestions for topics, people to interview, and gifts of money (ok just kidding about the money part) to cbrownell@aimsedu.org Furthermore, if you want more information about any of the projects, studies, or research highlighted in our podcasts please send him emails as well.

The link to Cambridge Maths is http://www.cambridgemaths.org/ visit them to learn more about that massive and incredibly important work.

You can find more information about The Global Math Project at www.theglobalmathproject.org as well. Here you can sign up to deliver some joyous mathematics to people you know.


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