The Wheels are Turning

I am in Orlando, Florida this week working on my own professional learning at the 2017 Learning Forward (LF) annual conference ( Tis the season for this educator to learn and grow with colleagues. It is a week where we immerse ourselves in a like-minded culture. We are behind the curtain of Professional Learning to think about and learn how to make it better.

I spent the first two days of the week working with my classmates from Learning Forward Academy’s class of 2019 ( We are all individually working on an identified Problem of Practice in the systems where we work with the intent of designing a solution to alleviate the problem. The academy experience is hard, at times frustrating, but definitely what I needed to help build my capacity to better sustain the highly effective professional learning that the AIMS Center provides. These last two days presented me with a lens to view the next step in our two and a half year process. I’m excited to continue.

Now I am going from session to session at the LF conference. As a participant, my goal is to keep an open mind, which, in turn, will help me stay committed to a culture of continuous improvement through professional learning, and help me in providing that to others. My wish is for every educator to see a need and benefit in asking themselves “What have I learned?” each day. Lofty, I know, I won’t stop searching and trying until the goal is accomplished.

Education culture is one where we eat strategy for breakfast, then immediately think about what we will eat during the next meal. Being here in Orlando, taking time for growth and reflection, is a professional and personal holiday gift. Next week I will share some of nuggets I took with me from the conference. Until then, here are a few statements I’ve heard this week:

  • Training without follow-up is malpractice.
  • Please do not ask for a one day workshop.
  • Too much autonomy is the enemy of systems change.
  • Implementation can’t come without support.

Hope this little snack of statements tides you over until next week. I look forward to more learning together, working together, and growing together.

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