Adventurous and Dedicated, It Never Gets Old

When I started writing this, I was on a plane headed to Indiana. I was going to spend a day working with a small group of primary teachers, sharing AIMS hands-on math tasks with them. I’ve prepared countless workshops, but every time I head out to do another, I get excited. Each time I anticipate working with the teachers, I find myself thinking about the possibilities professional learning offers. My job never gets old. Educators are the key to a bright future.

However, getting to Indiana on this wintery January day has resulted in many travel calamities. There is no other way to describe my colleagues than adventurous and dedicated.

Our day started with a group text at 4:30AM (MDT). It was from me, telling everyone that my first flight had a four-hour delay and I would not be getting to Indiana until 11:30PM. That meant we would not be able to meet and have dinner together and I would not be picking anyone up at the airport. My colleagues wished me travel mercies and said they would see me for breakfast at the hotel. That was not the end of the group text. It continued all day long with a running commentary of continued delayed flights, rerouting, and air traffic jams. However, as the day wore on, my worrying diminished, and I knew for certain that we would get everyone on the ground in time to work with teachers in the morning.

I finally arrived at 1:30AM, nineteen hours after sending the original text to my team. Three hours of sleep, a hot shower, and bags full of supplies for the day, I met my colleagues in the hotel lobby. The temperature was 1 degree, and it was snowing. We were up before the hotel started to serve breakfast, so off to a nearby McDonald’s for breakfast and coffee. The four of us caught up on life and what our days had in store for us. Then off we went in pairs to our respective schools. Two of us to a middle school and two of us to an elementary school.

My day at the school was amazing. The group of teachers I worked with were dedicated, creative, collaborative, and ready to learn and grow. Time flew, and with the blink of an eye it was time to say goodbye. The day had passed so quickly. Worth every travel effort made the day before, and exactly the sentiments of every member of the Indianapolis AIMS team. We got to work with teachers, and that never gets old.

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