Episode 69 | Mathematics as a Fundamentally Constructed Activity of Humans

Chris is joined in the studio by Dr. Steffe, one of the foundational researchers to describe the various stages in the human development and construction of the number concept. After speaking to the AIMS research teams and the gathered Scholars we discuss in further depth, how important it is to recognize that ALL mathematics is constructed by the person, the learning of mathematics is not reading, “the Book,” as some would describe it. Rather each concept, for each learner must be constructed by that learner. The implications of this fact for teaching are considered, described in some detail and suggestions are made. If mathematics education is undergoing a revolution as some say it needs, this may very well be the Siren call. Each child is an autonomous mathematizer of their sensory-motor experiences, it is the role of the teacher to infer what the child is constructing and assist in clarifying it.


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