Episode 70 | The Effectiveness of Equity Practices in the Mathematics Classroom

The teaching of mathematics, like all teaching, is a cultural activity. There is no escaping this as mathematics is constructed by and for humans who live within cultures. Majority cultures have placed a stamp upon the teaching practice of mathematics and upon the content of this course. Dr. Laurie Rubel has applied an interesting and research based lens to these facts. Recently her research brought her to the forefront of controversy with elements and purveyors of radical politics in the USA. Her life was threatened, her work was attacked by those who had not read it nor sought out her clarifying comments.

Dr. Rubel joins Chris via Google Hangouts from abroad where she is studying similar situations in the country of Israel. They discuss the two axes of her framework, originally part of the work of Dr. Rochelle Gutierrez, and how she used these axes to analyze the teaching of several successful teachers who were working in “high needs” schools. Her work has important things to say to all teachers who care about their students.


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