Episode 71 | The Teaching of Mathematics Part 1 …

Incorporating Narrative with Dr. Scott Baldridge

This is the first of a three part series with Dr. Scott Baldridge of the Louisiana State University. Scott is a mathematician whose work in Gauge Theory means his work is at the “Bleeding Edge” of human understanding of the universe and its physical structure. However, he also has a deep interest in the K-12 learning experience children have in mathematics; so much interest in fact that he has been the chief author of the Engage New York, now Eureka Math curriculum from its inception. Over the course of this series we develop that concept.

Part 1 of this series has Scott developing a contrast between present textbook writing structures and the structure he incorporated. He lays a foundation of “Encyclopedic” approaches and the “Narrative” approach he purposefully incorporated. In later episodes in this series more details are revealed.


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