My Teachable Points of View: #2 Professional Growth


This is the second of my Teachable Points of View (TPOV) posts. As a member of Learning Forward Academy’s class of 2019, we have been asked to write and share three of our TPOVs. It has been a great exercise to write about and share the ideas that are at the core of my own sense of professionalism. Enjoy as you get to know me and what I am passionate about as an educator.

When is the day that all teachers embrace and value ongoing professional growth? When is the day that all teachers are guaranteed the professional learning they need and desire? I am passionate about professional learning for classroom teachers. A professional goal of mine is to find a way to answer the questions above.

Teachers put their hearts and souls into what they teach. They show students care and compassion. They love seeing them grow and mature as learners. They listen and value what their students have to say. They pay attention to their students’ needs so they can learn and master subject content. They get excited when students apply newly acquired knowledge. These caring qualities shown by teachers continually amaze me. I wish they showed the same disposition and passion for their own learning and growth.

My wish is to have teachers value their own learning and growth that leads to a higher level of teacher agency. Teacher agency is the capacity of teachers to act purposefully and constructively to direct their professional growth and contributing to the growth of their colleagues. This is an essential piece of being a teacher that leads to the success of all children’s learning. I wish that teachers would take the lead in formulating a plan to help accomplish the goals, needs, and wants of their own professional growth. Professional learning serves the purpose of allowing teachers opportunities to improve their practice, ultimately leading the way to greater student growth and achievement.

My wish is for every teacher to map out a personal plan for their own learning and growth that is both purposeful and prioritizes their needs. A plan that is based on written goals and desired outcomes. A plan that encourages them to explore possibilities with their colleagues and helps map out their professional learning needs. I want to help change the beliefs behind professional learning so that it’s never used or thought of as an empty experience where teachers take part to just to be awarded credit or to stay current with district and school requirements.

I want teachers to have opportunities to share visions, collaborate, and support one another during their professional journeys. Make professional learning matter. It’s important to have teachers working together to help students achieve growth. I want teachers to use their skills and knowledge collectively to envision, collaborate, and support each other. It is the nature of education and the place in its history that we work on improving today. My inspiration and energy is ultimately fueled by teachers. I am working to help them grow and improve. There is no better time than now to do that, and I feel lucky to be a part of it. I’m glad to be an inspired educator being part of it today, to make it better in the future. My wish is tomorrow’s educators will be thankful for the educational practices we help establish today.

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