My Teachable Points of View: #3 A New Professional Learning Model

This is the third and final of my Teachable Points of View (TPOV) posts. To read the first two, click here to ready number one, and here to read number two.

Teachers need ongoing quality professional learning opportunities. I am motivated to see teachers grow and learn, and to have the AIMS Center for Math and Science Education offer professional learning opportunities that help them. It is our goal to help schools and districts attain the highest possible levels of student performance, achievement, and learning. Words and phrases like ongoing, job-embedded, timely, hands-on, and follow-up swirl around in my head, triggering that motivation. As AIMS’ Director of Professional Learning I am dedicated to understanding and knowing the research-based practices that will guide me to create and deliver a model of professional learning best fitting the needs of clients.

As an external provider of math and science professional learning, my charge is to be reflective, have awareness, and gain knowledge while creating a new model of professional learning to be put in to practice by our facilitators. As I work to accomplish this goal, I will dedicate my time to ensure that any professional learning partnerships directly lead to higher student achievement. Successfully helping teachers make a difference in student growth warms my heart and speaks to the core of my professionalism. I want to make sure that AIMS continues to offer and facilitate top quality professional learning well into the future.

Ensuring that students have well-educated teachers makes their future potential bright. Let’s accomplish this by establish a culture where having job embedded, ongoing, timely, and hands-on professional learning is a central strategy. It would please me to never be asked for a for a one day workshop ever again, because professional learning without follow-up should be considered malpractice, and good implementation must have support.

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