Staying on Track – I Am Learning All the Time

Increasing student achievement: three words many schools incorporate into their mission, vision, and goal statements. Schools are making commitments to strengthen every student’s conceptual, representational, and abstract understanding of what they study. To ensure we are meeting the demands of 21st century learning and increasing student achievement, we must ensure teachers have a deep understanding of the subjects they teach. At AIMS we believe in a world in which every child comes to know math and science in a positive, engaging, and meaningful way. To accomplish this, we are empowering teachers by offering rich professional learning opportunities.

As always, I am a proud to be an educator. Just as our senators and congresspersons last week renewed our country’s commitment to increasing student achievement across the United States by voting to support an omnibus bill that adds 3.9 billion dollars to our education system. This tells me we believe how important and powerful education is. This bill also shows we value teachers’ learning and helps to create professional learning opportunities for them that are designed to increase their students’ achievement levels.

Helping to design professional learning projects with districts and schools means we will value opportunities for students to maximize their ability to learn. Teachers will better learn the content they teach, know more about what students need to learn, the best methods to use, how to see and evaluate evidence that their students are learning, and be able to differentiate the learning happening in their classrooms. High quality sustained professional learning is an opportunity for teachers to learn, practice, and reflect together, and allows teachers experience change in knowledge, skills, and understanding. Both the students and teachers will see how important learning is. As Benjamin Franklin would say, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Learn like you don’t want to stop and ensure that your students learn in a way that is positive, engaging, and meaningful. Watch how their achievement increases!

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