Episode 87 | Laurie Duerksen – “I have a New Hero!”

In May 2018 FPU will graduate the first group of Master’s degree students, who have been scholarshipped by AIMS in the present manner. During the Summer of 2018 we will be hearing from some of them on ZPC.

Chris is joined by Laurie Duerksen via Zoom this week. Laurie recently graduated from FPU with her MA in Mathematics Education. Her thesis focused upon the impact of teacher “Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching,” a theory base championed by Dr. Debra Lowenburg Ball and Dr. Hyman Bass. It is specifically Dr. Ball who Laurie is referring to with the quote in the title. Laurie’s study focused upon conducting several Professional Development courses in which she narrowed her own focus to aspects of teacher content and pedagogical knowledge for teaching, and observed a noticeable improvement in teacher performance.


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