I Was There

Social media is what brought me to the Early Math Project Symposium sponsored in part by AIMS and held on the campus of Fresno Pacific University Friday, June 22, 2018, @aimsed, #AIMSplay, #AIMSspatial, and #EMSymp18. While I was following the day through social media, I realized that I could do an even better job of participating in the symposium if I were more adept at using it. A new goal of mine is to work on using social media to help me stay better connected to professional learning opportunities. I’ll start with Twitter. I have had a Twitter account for a few years but have only used it sporadically. I have even done a couple of TWITTER chats, but I can do more to be better connected. If you’re like me, then social media engagement doesn’t come naturally.

There are great ways to learn and make social media work for you. I found an online course to help me be a better Twitter user, Twitter for Teachers and Students. For a nominal fee it is a 5-module video course created to specifically help teachers learn how to use Twitter to its full potential. Not wanting to spend any money, there are countless free resources too. My plan to connect and share more professionally using Twitter is:

  • To dedicate more time to following a group of like-minded professionals
  • To communicate more directly with people using Twitter
  • Share great resources I find on-line using Twitter
  • Do a Twitter chat
  • Make better use of Twitter to find professional resources.

A great thing about Twitter is that it will allow me to find like-minded people, no matter where they are in the world. Once I find them, I can start talking, sharing resources and ideas, and further developing my point of view with the enrichment and support of others who see things through a similar lens. I can look for topics that interest me in the search bar. For instance, if I want to find middle school science teachers, I’ll search for “middle school science.” As long as someone has a Twitter account, I can communicate with them directly. I’ll make connections with people, and we will be able to share with each other in the same way that I share links on Facebook or Pinterest. The best part about doing this is that other people, will share back.

I’ll make the effort to try the things I’ve listed and to stick with it for a while. My goal is to turn the corner with Twitter. I need to get the hang of it, and hopefully, it becomes as much a part of my day as checking email and Facebook.

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