Let’s Build

I’ve been in Dallas, TX this week with plans on spending two and a half days with the AIMS Center’s cadre of professional learning facilitators. It is my favorite time to spend with this group. It is our time to be together and learn. Our time to change, adapt and grow. Our learning plays an integral part in facilitating good professional learning. We will focus on the brain science around what makes adult learning work well. We will learn about proven practices used in adult learning and then spend time practicing what we discover. AIMS is a math and science-based education center, and for many years we have facilitated professional learning in math and science with teachers. It is our goal to share AIMS math and science tasks and investigations in ways that adults learn best.

This year I have chosen to share and focus on some of Sharon Bowman’s work. We will use and follow her latest book “Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick” to incorporate six adult learning principles that she shares to trump traditional teaching. Facilitating professional learning well is done when adult learning strategies are embedded into a learning environment. Next week we will I will be sharing the neuroscience behind this work, so our workshops allow for a learning environment that will enable participants success with our materials.

I plan on wrapping our groups understanding Bowman’s work up with and around team building exercises. I will refer back to her six adult learning principles to trump traditional teaching during every debrief of each team building experience. During the team building, we will collectively work to enhance the collaboration and communication of the AIMS facilitator cadre. I anticipate that we will enhance social relations and allow ways for us to learn more about working together efficiently and effectively.

I will debrief about the time I spend with the AIMS facilitators in Dallas in my next post. Until then it is off to build with my team.

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