Episode 94 | The Best of ZPC – Fleegles as an Object Lesson in Re-Presentation

We’re reaching back into the archives this week to bring back a fun one. WHAT IS A FLEEGLE? Jason and Scott will try and tell you!

Jason Chamberlain and Scott Nielsen are a pair of Research Associates at the AIMS Center, they work together in our K-1 team studying how children of this age form their understanding of number concepts. These two gave a Colloquium talk on Monday February 26, 2018 (if you go watch the archive please note that we had a power outage for several minutes mid talk, but these two men kept right on rolling) that focused upon the Von Glasersfeldian concept of re-presentation as a portion of the process of understanding. They join Chris in the studio to discuss this critical ability that all learners need to possess for deep conceptual understanding. In their talk they take the attendees through an experience where we all built a concept of an object they called a Fleegle.

The conversation in this podcast ranges across several topics but always returns to the main idea of learners needing to experience concepts so that they have a collection of those experiences to draw upon when they are asked to act upon that knowledge. The idea of collective understanding and the role of society in individual understandings is hinted at as well.


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