Let’s Build – Part 3

There is nothing better than listening to, learning from, and growing from a presentation given by one of your own. I was privileged to hear from four of my colleagues during our two-and-a-half days together during the AIMS Facilitators cadre meeting in Dallas, TX. My cognitive depth and understanding grew because of what I heard and did. I look forward to the opportunity to take what I learned and to use it, hopefully creating a rich experience for my next workshop participants. They can, in turn, put everything in to practice for their students.

The four AIMS Facilitators had the task of spending an hour or more with all of us, and the sessions were about, levels of questioning, integrating technology using apps in the classroom, teaching math using three-act tasks, and how to include Transition Kindergarten (TK) thoughts and thinking in a workshop. What I asked the four presenters to share was no more specifics than that. What happened was beautiful and amazing. Every one of the four presentations wove AIMS math and science resources around the focus area but also around current practices of classroom teachers and what their “guide on the side” roles and contributions look like in those areas.

It was as if our presenters were organically making a shift to AIMS Workshops 2.0. What was shared was a lens into how we might become even more relevant in the current landscape of education but not leave rich AIMS materials behind. Instead of pinpointing AIMS tasks/investigations directly in a workshop, use AIMS as a vehicle to focus on subjects like: Increasing Student Discourse, Increasing Student Engagement, Supporting Diverse Learners, Integrating Content to Teach Multiple Standards, Ask and Answer Questions, Implementing the NGSS, Using Talk Moves in Math, Using Talk Moves in Science, Increase Student Engagement and Achievement etc. For example, offer a workshop titled, Increasing Student Discourse, a workshop provided by AIMS.

I’m so fortunate to work with such a creative and forward-thinking cadre of AIMS facilitators. I definitely can’t wait to formulate a plan offering new workshops to teachers everywhere. Stay tuned for AIMS Workshops 2.0.

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