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AIMS Emeritus

What is an AIMS Emeritus?

In recognition of the unique partnership between AIMS Education Foundation and Fresno Pacific University, the title of AIMS Emeritus is a designation of distinction bestowed upon a retired AIMS employee who concurrently held academic rank while serving in an academic position at Fresno Pacific University.

The lifetime title of AIMS Emeritus is an honor, designating a retired faculty as having demonstrated a distinguished professional career and as having made significant contributions to both the AIMS Education Foundation and Fresno Pacific University.

Judith Hillen, Ed.D.- AIMS Emeritus
Judith Hillen

Dr. Judith Hillen served the AIMS Education Foundation for 22 years. She held the position of Program Director from 1984 through 2003. Through the years she was a Research and Development Fellow – a Mathematics Curriculum Writer, Director of the AIMS National Leadership Institute and Training Program, and Director of Corporate Partnerships (Amoco, BP America, and Motorola). In 1994, she completed her dissertation studying “Perceived Effects of Participation in Activities Integrating Math and Science”, earning her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Administration – Curriculum and Instruction, from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Hillen has served K-12 education as a classroom teacher in Fresno, Oakdale, Klamath Falls, and Glendale. She retired from Fresno Pacific University in 2002 as Professor of Mathematics and Science Education. While at FPU, she worked with multiple local districts through grants and partnerships. Most recently, she served as a school board trustee for Coast Unified School District in Cambria, California.

Dave Youngs, Ed.D.- AIMS Emeritus
Dave Youngs

Dave Youngs is a Senior Researcher for the AIMS Center and Professor in the Graduate Math/Science Education program at Fresno Pacific University. Dr. Youngs will lead research teams in the area of Science Education. He has presented at dozens of math and science conferences on five continents. Dr. Youngs was part of the original NSF grant in 1981 that resulted in the formation of the AIMS Education Foundation and has been associated with AIMS ever since. He came to Fresno Pacific in 1987 where he works with both pre- and in-service teachers in the areas of math and science education. He is most interested in the elementary and middle school levels. He received a Doctor of Science Education degree from Curtin University in Perth, Australia.