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AIMS Education Foundation began with a National Science Foundation grant in the early 1980s to explore why teachers were not teaching math and science in a more hands-on, engaging way. What the directors of that grant-funded project discovered was that teachers were open and even anxious to teach in such a way, but they lacked the kinds of activities that could be used in the classroom to give students those experiences. Over the years of the grant, a group of 80 teachers wrote activities that were then combined into books which became the first AIMS Products. AIMS Education Foundation has continued to produce these hands-on engaging math and science activities now for over 30 years.

sample books
One of our first books, and a couple of recent items.

There is so much more that is known today, through research, about how students come to know very specific concepts like the whole number sequence, measurement, fractions, and so on. While there are efforts in a few places to translate that research into practice, there is so much more that needs to be done and can be done.

Translating research into practice is a major component of the vision for the future of AIMS.

To achieve this vision, AIMS has now created a new organizational structure – it is called the AIMS Center for Math and Science Education, located on the campus of Fresno Pacific University.

To achieve our vision, strong involvement by university faculty and graduate students is imperative; and we welcome strong connections with other universities, with county offices of education, with school districts, and with other community and state organizations.