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STEM Interactive Bulletin Board for October

This post is part of a series of posts detailing STEM Interactive Bulletin Boards. If you’d like to read some of the “why” behind these tools, check out the first post in the series HERE. STEM interactive bulletin boards are helpful in implementing and integrating all subjects while supplying a language rich environment for all… Continue Reading

The Power of a STEM Interactive Bulletin Board

Each month I will be designing and posting pictures of a STEM interactive bulletin board. I will document how to implement the board into the classroom and I will post video links, book links and websites to further the classroom discussions. When I was a classroom teacher I really wanted to have a STEM interactive… Continue Reading


Usually one would see that exclamation as “Represent!” and it conjures up images of fans in team colors, a spirited school group or some other proud group member.  The individual (or individuals) is recognized as a part of the larger group, and while the whole group is not present, this individual should perform or act… Continue Reading

Let’s Build – Part 3

There is nothing better than listening to, learning from, and growing from a presentation given by one of your own. I was privileged to hear from four of my colleagues during our two-and-a-half days together during the AIMS Facilitators cadre meeting in Dallas, TX. My cognitive depth and understanding grew because of what I heard… Continue Reading