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Episode 53 | Student Adaptive Pedgogy from the Source

Dr. Ron Tzur and his doctoral student Nicola Hodkowski join us in the studio for a discussion of their work related to Student Adaptive Pedagogy in the Upper Elementary Grades. This is a very promising field of enquiry that shows great potential for changing teaching of upper elementary students for the better. With its focus on student conceptualizations of number as its starting point, this theory has shown great success in predicting successful teacher moves that foster and spur on student development of multiplicative and fractional thinking. This team has recently published a well received study with the Psychology of Mathematics Education Association that used a rigorous mixed methodology to demonstrate that the four areas Nicola describes in the interview are strongly predictive of success for students.


Reflecting upon Summer 2017

It seems funny to be reflecting back on this season now, but as my profession is inexorably linked to a scholastic calendar, it is accurate. Schools all over the valley are starting up, teachers are prepping their classrooms if they haven’t already begun classes, and my colleagues at AIMS and FPU are filtering back into… Continue Reading

Episode 49 | Four Critical Areas for Teaching Wrap Nicely Into Constructivism

Dr. Beyranevand joins in from his home in Massachusetts via Skype this week. We discuss the four areas he sees as being critical for effective teaching: Planning, Pedagogay, Assessment, and Relationships. These areas, as he claims and supports, are practical ways in which teachers, seasoned or newbie, can operate within a Constructivist paradigm of learning.… Continue Reading

Green Wall Challenge #1

This first problem comes in two parts, and a bit of mind reading. The parts are different in obvious ways. Solve them both, then read my mind, to do this you may have to ponder for a while the nature of the two parts of the challenge already completed. The winning solution will describe accurately… Continue Reading