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Episode 76 | Dr. Matt Larson President of the NCTM: Part 2

In this second part of their conversation Matt and Chris talk about the implications of research in teaching, and dream a little together about what a mathematics curriculum could look like if they could reshape it from the ground up. They also wrap up their talk about how the NCTM must keep a nimble presence in the world as it continues to advocate for better mathematics instruction for all students into the future.


Episode 72 | The Teaching of Mathematics Part 2…

Incorporating Narrative with Dr. Scott Baldridge This is a second episode of a three-part series where Chris interviews Dr. Scott Baldridge, primary author of the Eureka Math book series. They explore specific examples of narrative elements that were incorporated. Themes, Characters, and Plot devices are the subject this week. Who are the characters? What sort… Continue Reading

Systems Thinking

The members of the Research Division here at AIMS have been reading Humberto Maturana and Fracisco Varela’s book, The Tree of Knowledge: The Biological Roots of Human Understanding. These biologists describe how cognition and understanding emerge and are constructed out of single cellular organisms, and as they are coupled together in multi-cellular entities like humans.… Continue Reading

Episode 69 | Mathematics as a Fundamentally Constructed Activity of Humans

Chris is joined in the studio by Dr. Steffe, one of the foundational researchers to describe the various stages in the human development and construction of the number concept. After speaking to the AIMS research teams and the gathered Scholars we discuss in further depth, how important it is to recognize that ALL mathematics is… Continue Reading