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Discovering FLIPGRID

How do you collaborate in a group setting when all members of a group are super busy, live in different time zones, and can’t find a common meeting time? I’m sure you have found yourself in the same scenario, and I was in this very predicament earlier this week. I had sent group texts asking when getting together would work for everyone in the group before an upcoming deadline. No luck… but one of my colleagues suggested creating a Flipgrid to accomplish our task.

Flipgrid is a platform used to share ideas and learn together. It’s a place where you can amplify and feel amplified. It’s short videos participants create and use. It may be the leading video discussion platform used by millions of PreK to PhD educators, students, and families everywhere. Who knew? Now I do!! Head to the Flipgrid website which allows anyone to create “grids” that are comprised of short discussion-style questions which invited participants respond to through recorded videos. Each grid is effectively a message board where a question is posed, and people post 90-second video responses that appear in a tiled “grid” display. Flipgrid is user friendly and an easy way to collaborate.

This week Flipgrid was the platform I used to collaborate with my Learning Forward Academy class of 2019 teammates. We are in the throes of an extended and profound learning experience that has us immersed in a model of inquiry- and problem-based learning. We are working collaboratively to gain knowledge to solve significant student learning problems within our schools, districts, or organizations. Each individual’s work is around an identified “Problem of Practice” and our we are focused on finding a solution for it during the academy experience. I’m working to strengthen professional learning partnerships and experiences that schools and districts have with AIMS Professional Learning. Specifically, I want to make sure that the model of learning we use to facilitate professional learning is content focused, collaborative, job embedded, uses models or modeling, provides coaching and support, offers feedback and reflection, and lasts for sustained periods of time.

As the saying goes, “teamwork makes for dream work,” and this week was no different. It was exciting for me to be introduced to Flipgrid and to have the opportunity to learn how to use it to collaborate with my team using current technology. Thinking within and around the box, I’m always looking for available solutions. What innovative solutions have you been introduced to lately?


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