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Let’s Build – Part 2

I wake up daily craving a morning cup coffee, quite similar to how I crave spending time collaborating and working alongside my colleagues. Savoring the smells and taste of a good cup of “joe” is how I feel about my collegial work. I look forward to it, and it is one hundred percent worth it!! I am happy to report that every minute of my two and a half days spent in Dallas with the AIMS Facilitator Cadre led all of us to think outside the box and stretch to new places in our professional learning. What we came away with from Dallas far outweighs the time and work spent planning and making the commitment to attend. Experiences like Dallas keep all of us who attended excited about the future. We have exchanged many text messages and emails saying what we did together was valuable and will make a difference in times to come.

To set the tone for our meeting we spent time building as a team. Great discourse led the way to laughs, struggles, and discoveries while we worked on solving puzzles, stacking cups two different ways (examples here and here ) working on a challenge called “Let Go My Ego,” and a paper challenge. Our discourse led our group in finding solutions which easily opened the door to more collaboration which in the end directly relates to our professional learning work. I think the most vital reason for team building is to get results. Using planned team building as an exercise that was fun and motivational, we built a base for like communication, planning, and problem-solving. The bond we created together around the team building fostered genuine connections, more in-depth discussions, and processing.

More than the team building experiences themselves, the constructive discourse, inquiry, and reasoning around the agenda I had planned for everyone was easy to accomplish. We accomplished our goal of weaving the learning of team building and Sharon Bowman’s brain science work into making a participant’s day at an AIMS workshop a worthwhile experience.

Follow along to read Part 3 in next week’s post when I’ll share some more for the AIMS Facilitator’s 2018 Institute.


Let’s Build

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