Green Wall Challenge

Green Wall Challenge #1

This first problem comes in two parts, and a bit of mind reading. The parts are different in obvious ways. Solve them both, then read my mind, to do this you may have to ponder for a while the nature of the two parts of the challenge already completed. The winning solution will describe accurately what it is I am aiming for. It isn’t terribly deep, so give it a go in the spirit of fun and joy it is meant.

First Problem

The Lion, Llama, and Lettuce tri-lemma.

There once was a farmer who was taking three items to market; a lion, a llama, and a large lettuce. He came to a river crossing which had a boat used to ford the river. However due to the size of the boat, the farmer could only fit one of the items he was taking to market with him at a time. He could not leave the lion alone with the llama (for obvious tasty reasons), nor (for similar reasons) could he leave the llama alone in the presence of the lettuce. He was successful in getting his goods safely across the river. How did he accomplish this using only the boat? Do not bring any information not introduced in this paragraph into the situation.

Second Problem

Below is a picture of a puzzle made up of sliding rectangular tiles in a carefully framed but irregular box. The tiles must remain in the box but are permitted to slide, left and right, or up and down. Your task is to re-arrange those tiles in a mirror image of the present arrangement on the right side of the box. Describe a naming system for your solution and then, describe the moves each tile makes to accomplish the task.

Sliding Rectangular Puzzle

Adapted from a problem by Ian Stewart in his “Another Fine Math You’ve Got Me Into” but don’t cheat and look it up.

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