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Episode 81 | Bev Ford Catapulting Into the Classroom

Bev Ford, a Research Associate here at AIMS, spent the Fall of 2017 as a classroom teacher again after spending several years in deep study of the research around how students form the concept of number. She relates how her awareness of “the mathematics of students” that she does not recall possessing prior to the work she has undertaken in the past several years. She describes how was confronted with how she no longer recalled how she learned mathematics herself. She was also confronted by the sheer magnitude of working within a full classroom. She describes several observed behaviors in students and how she interpreted them as indicators of student understanding.


Episode 80 | Great Adventures With Grace Florez: Researcher Ventures into the Classroom

Grace Florez took the Fall of 2018 and taught in a Kindergarten classroom. She had spent the previous year and half focusing her mental efforts on learning the theoretical framework outlined by the researchers she and her fellow associates have been studying. She tells us of some of her experiences as the mathematics instructor for… Continue Reading

Episode 79 | What Could a Math Intervention Course Look Like?

Chris is joined via Google Hangout by Karen Wootton an author and director for CPM Education (formerly College Preparatory Mathematics). They discuss a project CPM has in the design phase right now. Students who have struggled with Algebra 1 or some of its precursor courses are often directed into a second course in mathematics typically… Continue Reading

Episode 77 | Mathematics Teaching, With an Emphasis in the Unexpected

This week Chris is joined in the studio with a former student Mario Ordaz. Mario is not shy about describing himself as, “The big, brown, scary-looking, bald man, you might be nervous to meet.” Chris and Mario met originally when Mario started his undergraduate degree in mathematics at Fresno Pacific University, back around the turn… Continue Reading

Episode 72 | The Teaching of Mathematics Part 2…

Incorporating Narrative with Dr. Scott Baldridge This is a second episode of a three-part series where Chris interviews Dr. Scott Baldridge, primary author of the Eureka Math book series. They explore specific examples of narrative elements that were incorporated. Themes, Characters, and Plot devices are the subject this week. Who are the characters? What sort… Continue Reading