ZPC Podcast

Episode 89 | Polya’s Problem Solving Strategies at Work in the Classroom

In May 2018 FPU will graduate the first group of Master’s degree students, who have been scholarshipped by AIMS in the present manner. During the Summer of 2018 we will be hearing from some of them on ZPC.

Chris is joined by Mr. Joseph Schuster who teaches mathematics in a small, rural, high school in Central California. Joe completed his research this past academic year and graduated in May of 2018. He focused on the effects of first informing students of Georg Polya’s, Four Step Problem Solving Process, and then helping them to bring them to recollection while they are working though various problems in the curriculum. He conducted a quantitative study in which he assessed his students at the beginning and end of a period weeks of instruction. The assessment used was a validated and considered reliable Assessment of Student Attitudes Towards Mathematics battery. His results are reported here.


Episode 82 | Professional Learning at AIMS

Chris is joined in studio by AIMS Director of Professional Learning, Debbie Porcarelli. They discuss the evolving culture surrounding teachers’ professional lives, she casts a vision for planning with districts and individual schools that are completed, this is in response to what she has observed where districts begin down a path of professional support only… Continue Reading

Episode 80 | Great Adventures With Grace Florez: Researcher Ventures into the Classroom

Grace Florez took the Fall of 2018 and taught in a Kindergarten classroom. She had spent the previous year and half focusing her mental efforts on learning the theoretical framework outlined by the researchers she and her fellow associates have been studying. She tells us of some of her experiences as the mathematics instructor for… Continue Reading

Episode 79 | What Could a Math Intervention Course Look Like?

Chris is joined via Google Hangout by Karen Wootton an author and director for CPM Education (formerly College Preparatory Mathematics). They discuss a project CPM has in the design phase right now. Students who have struggled with Algebra 1 or some of its precursor courses are often directed into a second course in mathematics typically… Continue Reading