Usually one would see that exclamation as “Represent!” and it conjures up images of fans in team colors, a spirited school group or some other proud group member.  The individual (or individuals) is recognized as a part of the larger group, and while the whole group is not present, this individual should perform or act… Continue Reading

Playful Measurement

Today I want to write about one of the simple ways my colleague Grace and I engaged our students in playful counting. One of the significant things I have realized after reading the research around student adaptive pedagogy is that our students are not counting enough, but that they don’t need more practice with rote… Continue Reading

Ecosystems Have Histories – Part 2

In my previous post, I shared research scientist Bronwyn Bevan’s piece on ecological perspectives and learning ecosystems in STEM education. Bevan provides four considerations that can help those involved in learning ecosystems confront existing norms and rethink dominant practices. These considerations seek to disrupt traditional methods and can help us think more critically about the… Continue Reading