Number Word Sequence and Counting

CountingDr. Greg Duncan at the University of California in Irvine states that  “Mastery of early math skills predicts not only future math achievement, it also predicts future reading achievement, and it does so just as reliably as early literacy mastery of vocabulary, letters and phonetics predicts later reading success.” (Early Academic Skills, Not Behavior, Best Predict School Success, Wendy Leopold, Science Daily, November 19, 2007) In addition, “Mounting evidence suggest that the mathematical understandings children develop before entering elementary school are highly predictive of later academic achievement, not just in mathematics, but in other subjects as well. Moreover, children who begin school with poor math skills typically do not catch up. Those least prepared are disproportionately underrepresented minorities and from low-income families. (Math Matters: Children’s Mathematical Journeys Start Early, Executive Summary, Schoenfeld and Stipek, November 2011)

We know from the research published by Karen Fuson that there is a definite progression in children’s acquisition and elaboration of the number word sequence and of counting. The AIMS Center for Math and Science Education has partnered with the Fresno EOC Head Start Program to work directly with teachers and the 3-5-year-old children enrolled in their programs to construct a clear understanding of the various stages in that progression and of the children’s constructions at each stage. We will continue to build our video library of exemplars which will be used to share these findings with classroom teachers.

In addition, during the 2016-17 school year, we will reenact some of the subitizing and figural pattern work of Clements and Sarama and of Beth MacDonald. Following this next year’s work, we will begin to design tasks and formative assessments that will provide a way for teachers to facilitate children’s acquisition and elaboration of the number word sequence and early counting, along with subitizing.

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Paul Reimer – Senior Researcher — (559) 453-8140

Paul ReimerPaul Reimer is a Senior Researcher with the AIMS center. Paul has spent more than 20 years in public education as an elementary teacher, mathematics coach, and adjunct university instructor. Drawing from a perspective grounded in situated learning and constructivism, his work has helped teachers of mathematics develop a reflective practice that centers on the cultivation of meaning-making opportunities in the classroom. As a current doctoral student in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology at Michigan State University, Paul’s research focuses on the work of teaching, with an emphasis on how teachers of mathematics develop knowledge, beliefs, identity, and practice in the context of their work. He is particularly interested in factors that support teachers’ learning and enactment of mathematical teaching practices, and in the ways school culture and policy can support teacher change.

Elizabeth Gamino – Research Associate — (559) 453-8120

Elizabeth GaminoElizabeth Gamino is a Research Associate. Elizabeth joined the Early Learning Math team here at the AIMS Center after a 24-year career with Fresno Unified School District where she served as the Pre K-12 Mathematics/Science Curriculum Manager, an elementary teacher, staff and curriculum developer, and teacher on special assignment working in the Mathematics Department. Elizabeth is an active participant in both the math and early learning communities, she is a member of the California Math Council, NCTM, TODOS, NAEYC, and CAEYC. Additionally, she has worked closely with the Council of Great City Schools serving on their Mathematics Advisory team, their Bilingual Education, Key Performance Indicators, and Innovative Professional Development committees. Currently, Elizabeth serves on The Children’s Movement School Readiness work group and is a board member for Stone Soup Fresno. Elizabeth is an advocate for equitable and quality mathematical experiences for all children beginning with our youngest learners.

Wilma Hashimoto – Research Associate — (559) 453-8102

Wilma HashimotoWilma Hashimoto is a Research Associate specializing in Early Learning. Her experience includes being an Assistant Superintendent for Fresno Unified School District, Director of Early Learning for Fresno County Office of Education, and Assistant Director of Child Development for Clovis Unified School District. She is also an adjunct faculty member at Fresno Pacific University. Wilma holds a Masters degree from Fresno State and a Bachelor degree from the University of Southern California. She has served as a commissioner for First 5 Fresno County and board member for the San Joaquin Parkway Trust, CASA, and Stone Soup Fresno. For her community and educational contributions, Wilma was named a 2011 finalist for Fresno County Administrator of the Year, Marjaree Mason Top 10 Professional Women in 2009, and CUSD 2008 Crystal Award winner. Wilma is dedicated to changing the trajectory of our youngest learners through mastering early mathematical skills that will positively impact all curricular areas.

Aileen Rizo – Research Associate — (559) 453-8115

Aileen RizoAileen Rizo is a Research Associate for the AIMS Center. She has worked in math education for 20+ years in roles such as teacher, curriculum designer, and educational consultant. She has also served in state capacities with the California Department of Education and community organizations. Aileen earned a Bachelors degree in Secondary Mathematics Education, a Masters in Educational Technology, a second Masters in Mathematics Education, and is currently a PhD student. She is an adjunct faculty member at FPU teaching both math and engineering courses. Aileen’s passion in the STEM fields fueled her to realize the importance of providing children with powerful educational experiences. Her own daughters inspire her advocacy for the equity of women and girls and her current work with the early math team in an effort to bring equitable math experiences to young children.

Jaclyn Russell – Research Associate — (559) 453-8123

Jaclyn RussellJaclyn Russell is a Research Associate for the Early Mathematics Team at the AIMS Center. Jaclyn started her educational career in the Clovis Unified School District in 2010. She was an intervention teacher for grades ranging from Transitional Kindergarten to sixth grade, she taught kindergarten for five years, was the coordinator for the ASES afterschool program and was part of a two-year math camp. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Fresno State, with a concentration in mathematics, holds her Multiple Subject teaching credential, and is currently completing her MA in STEM education at Fresno Pacific University. Jaclyn’s love for learning is fostered by her own children’s love of exploring, creating, and learning through experiences. Jaclyn’s passion is to promote and encourage teachers to create a solid foundation for kids, starting with the early childhood education through research and the desire to help teachers build our future by empowering children to love learning.