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Welcome to our Puzzle Corner where you will find a collection of math and science puzzles to stimulate and engage your students.  They are sorted into categories which you’ll find in the left-hand column.  Use the links provided to explore and enjoy these puzzles.

Some Random Puzzles
Square Stumper
The object of this puzzle is to divide the large square into four equal regions, each with the same size, shape, and number of circles. Although this [more]
Time Marches On
This week's Puzzle Corner activity is a simple problem with surprising results. The question posed in the puzzle is: "How many times during a day (24 [more]
Cups and Downs
This week's Puzzle Corner activity is a magic trick with a mathematical, as well as a slight-of-hand, component. I first came across this trick in [more]
Five Squares, One Square
A while back I posted a five triangle puzzle that involved putting together five 30-60-90 triangles to form a single triangle. Of all of the dozens o [more]
A Touchy Situation
I am indebted to Robert Benjamin, a scientist from the Los Alamos National Laboratory, for A Touchy Situation. Bob first did this activity with his [more]
The Envelope Enigma
This weeks’s activity comes from the field of recreational mathematics. While the puzzle may not seem very mathematical (other than using mathemati [more]