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Welcome to our Puzzle Corner where you will find a collection of math and science puzzles to stimulate and engage your students.  They are sorted into categories which you’ll find in the left-hand column.  Use the links provided to explore and enjoy these puzzles.

Some Random Puzzles
Five Squares, One Square: Some Hints and an Extension
In an earlier blog post I proposed a puzzle made of five 2 by 2 squares, each of which had been cut along a line from a corner to the midpoint of an [more]
The Relative Riddle
This week's Puzzle Corner is a classic riddle requiring reasoning to reconcile. (Please forgive the crude alliteration.) While many of you have encou [more]
Möbius Mysteries
Puzzle Question How can you explain the apparent paradox of the double Möbius strips? Materials Scratch paper Scissors Tape Student sheets Puz [more]
Lettering Logic
This week’s Puzzle Corner activity challenges students to find the “logic” or rule behind a pricing scheme for wooden letters when given a nu [more]
Relative Reckonings
This week's Puzzle Corner activity comes from the field of recreational mathematics where people do math just for the fun of it. One of the areas of [more]
Three in a Row
Three in a Row is a two-person game played on a 3 x 3 square grid using six markers. Each player needs three markers which can be easily distinguishe [more]