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Welcome to our Puzzle Corner where you will find a collection of math and science puzzles to stimulate and engage your students.  They are sorted into categories which you’ll find in the left-hand column.  Use the links provided to explore and enjoy these puzzles.

Some Random Puzzles
Tower Trade
Tower Trade is a paper adaptation to the traditionally wooden Towers of Hanoi puzzle. In the classic version, a wooden base supports three equally s [more]
The 36 ‘Picks Puzzle
This puzzle comes from a rich historical tradition that dates back to the 19th century when matches were first manufactured. Invented in 1827 by the [more]
Alternate Arrangements
Six drinking glasses are arranged in a row. The first three are filled with water; the next three are empty. Is it possible to get the full and empty [more]
Arranging Rectangles
My thanks to Richard Thiessen for this week's puzzle. It consists of six pieces that can be put together to make rectangular regions (the regions can [more]
April Riddles
This week’s Puzzle Corner activity is a collection of riddles that are appropriate for the week that begins with April Fool’s Day. These riddles [more]
O’Beirne’s Cube
This post is a bit of an experiment. First of all, I want to tell you about and show you a put-together-puzzle called O’Beirne’s cube. This is [more]