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Welcome to our Puzzle Corner where you will find a collection of math and science puzzles to stimulate and engage your students.  They are sorted into categories which you’ll find in the left-hand column.  Use the links provided to explore and enjoy these puzzles.

Some Random Puzzles
Lettering Logic
This week’s Puzzle Corner activity challenges students to find the “logic” or rule behind a pricing scheme for wooden letters when given a nu [more]
Hand-To-Hand Switcheroo
The Puzzle Corner activity this week is a magic trick that requires no slight of hand, just a little dexterity of hand—and an application of topolo [more]
Tangled Hearts
This week's activity is a disentanglement puzzle. These puzzles range from simple to difficult and most appear, at first glance, to be impossible. On [more]
The Three-to-Five Triangle Puzzle
This week’s Puzzle Corner activity comes out of a rich historical tradition that dates back to the 19th century when matches were first manufacture [more]
It’s a Snap!
This week's Puzzle Corner activity is an adaptation of a classic puzzle from recreational mathematics. It is traditionally posed as a thought probl [more]
Relative Reckonings
This week's Puzzle Corner activity comes from the field of recreational mathematics where people do math just for the fun of it. One of the areas of [more]