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Friday Institute: A Common Core Resource

Friday Institute: A Common Core Resource

I want to share with you two very helpful, quite extensive Common Core Math resources that are available from the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at North Carolina State University.

Friday Institute

The first resource is an interactive map of all of the Common Core Content Standards organized into 18 learning trajectories or progressions http://www.turnonccmath.net/index.php?p=map. For example, “Length, Area, and Volume “ is one of the trajectories. This trajectory runs all the way from length measure in grades K, 1, 2; through area and perimeter in grades 3 and 4; volume and conversions in grades 4 and 5; and finally, area and volume of geometric shapes and solids in grade 6 through 8.

This learning trajectory essentially provides modules for each of length, area, and volume, where students have similar, but more sophisticated experiences, with the measurement of each of these attributes. Where there are apparent gaps in the progression of the standards, additional bridging standards have been included along with descriptors for each standard.

This is a powerful resource providing a strongly research-based addition to the other available common core resources. I hope you’ll take a look.

A second resource offered through the Friday Institute is a series of free online courses called the Mathematics Learning Trajectories Series–one course for each of the learning trajectories https://tocc.mooc-ed.org/course. The first of these courses began the first week of July and runs for eight weeks. Jere Confrey and Alan Maloney, two well-known researchers in mathematics education are the faculty for the course. You can apparently enroll at any time. I enrolled after the first week of the course and easily got caught up. Once again, I hope you’ll take a look.

Let me know what you think about these resources.