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A Visit With Leslie P. Steffe, PhD

Thank you, Dr. Steffe, for your volume of work, and for encouraging us to further its use!

Les SteffeDr. Steffe joined the Mathematics Education Department at the University of Georgia in 1967. He and Ernst von Glasersfeld mounted the constructivist research program, known as Interdisciplinary Research on Number [IRON], to counter the regressive behaviorism of the 1970’s that followed the era of Modern Mathematics. IRON launched the constructivist movement of the 1980’s and 1990’s with its emphasis on students’ mathematical thinking and learning and mathematical communication. Dr. Steffe continues to work with researchers who participate in an expanded and progressive constructivist research program in order to maintain it as a major force in mathematics education as well as a counter force to the neo-behaviorism of outcome-based education.

The AIMS Center was pleased to have Dr. Steffe in residence for two days this past October. He guided and encouraged us in our work of translating his research findings for classroom use.

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AIMS is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting teachers to facilitate the development of a robust mathematical and/or scientific knowledge within their students.

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I recently attended the Annual Conference of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) in San Antonio and came away invigorated and hopeful about our children's future in math education. The creativity and passion on exhibit within the many sessions and workshops was impressive. I had numerous conversations with awesome teachers that eagerly shared some incredibly inventive lessons they use in their classes. To help kids with math, well-intentioned teachers often turn to non-traditional ...
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Episode 32 | Integrated, Creative Thought; STEAM at the Center of Versatility

Leslie Love Stone joins Chris to describe how art, and mathematics come together in her Geometric Abstract style of painting. With an incredible collection of processes, and metaphors Leslie typically collects and layers information sets upon layers. Chris and Leslie spend some time describing a series she recently painted, “California National Parks Last of the Mohicans Blue, Green, Brown” wherein she gives some information about the ideas she tries to communicate in her paintings. We also discuss her ideas on “Versatile Genius” which includes and emphasizes the linkage of many intelligences. She is an analytical person, and therefore her work is also quite analytical.

 "Kings Canyon National Park" from Leslie Love Stone

“Kings Canyon National Park” from Leslie Love Stone


Here are some links to Leslie’s art pages



Facebook Art Page for Process Pictures


The Nine Unknown, The Steam Journal



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Colloquium Topic: Literature Connections

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